Complete Clean and Cure Solution

PWA 2000, PCA 2000 & PCA 4000

Achieve world-class quality with the rinsing and curing system that streamlines your post-printing process.


Comprehensive Post-Printing Workflow


1. Create

Create and print your part utilizing your EnvisionOne 3D printer.

image 144-1

2. Clean

Automated rinsing removes uncured resin from your 3D printed models with the PWA 2000.

image 144

3. Cure

Simplify post-curing with the PCA 4000 for a simultaneous deep cure and perfect surface cure of each 3D printed part.

Provide Finished Print

4. Care

Do what you do best—provide superior patient care with the personalized part for oral placement or indication production.

Automated Rinsing
with PWA 2000

Clean uncured resin from 3D printed models with the convenience of a removable basket for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.

Powerful Curing
With The PCA 2000 & PCA 4000

300 watts of LED power with light sources that use 385nm to deep cure and 405nm for the perfect surface cure of each part.

Your Simple & Complete Digital Dentistry Workflow

Bring high-quality 3D printing to your dental lab today - order the complete package of all the tools you need for seamless integration.