Desktop Your Digital Dental Workflow

A simple & fully integrated 3D printing workflow so you can focus on what matters.


1. Personalize

Easily take digital impressions by using one of the 25 compatible leading dental scanners with our full Exocad integration.


2. Prepare

Use design software to enhance those digital impressions or simply use our one click Hyperprint automated workflow to let the software do all the work.


3. Print

Our printer uses advanced technology backed by more than 2 decades of development to deliver speed and performance.


4. Post Process

Rapidly clean and cure your 3D printed parts so you have stronger dental applications in less time.


Introducing the D4K and the EnvisionOne

The Power of Precision

Quality prints start with quality parts. Equipped with a premium 385nm DLP
projector, our printers deliver maximum power for superior resolution.

Full Scan to Application Workflow Integration

Convert digital scans into printable dental applications.


scanToApp 1

Save Time. Just Hyperprint

Do more with our 1 click design and rapid prototyping software made to maximize output and efficiency.


Fast, Helpful, Digital Design Services

Get connected with top designers to turn your scans into designs that are ready to print.

Special Offer: Call to receive $1000 worth of design services from Evident. 

designApp 1

Complete Clean & Cure Solution

Streamline and automate post-processing with the wash and cure products that complete your 3D printing system.

Wash and Cure Products
Spill_Base_F 1 (1)

Premium grade, FDA-cleared

Rapidly Growing Leading Dental Portfolio with >60 Validated Materials.

Now Offering Open Certified Materials

Desktop Health's large library of FDA-cleared biocompatible resins and precise model materials represent outstanding value and quality for every clinical application.

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Feel the future of 3D printing in your hands--request a free printed sample sent directly to you or your practice.


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